MC/DJ Performance Training with Peter Merry and Liz Daley for 2012.

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MC/DJ Performance Training with Peter Merry and Liz Daley for 2012.

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In any career, training is vital and central to improving your craft year to year.  Only one other entertainer (Kelly Burns) in the Pittsburgh area took the time, effort and expense to learn from the best, Peter Merry and Liz Daley.

“Peter Merry wrote the book on wedding entertainment and is fairly well known to just about everyone in the DJ industry. Liz, on the other hand, may not be as familiar. Her contribution as a facilitator, though, is extremely valuable. She holds a degree in the theater arts and was a working actress in New York for 12 years.  That stage background gives her a unique perspective when it comes to discussing performance technique.”  (The above quote was written for the May 2012 Issue of Disc Jockey News by Ron Ruth of Ron Ruth Entertainment attended workshop on April 23 and 24, 2012, in Cleveland, Ohio with us.  )

Peter Merry’s book (The Best Wedding Reception Ever!) should be familiar with all our Brides and Grooms, we gave you a copy.  Peter has been featured on David Tutera’s ‘My Fair Wedding’ and has provided the inspiration for many of the creative ideas in our weddings celebrations.  Both Peter and Liz are friends and mentors to me, and I respect them for their talent and knowledge.

The seminar focused on performing ‘Grand Entrances’ at wedding receptions more fun, personal and entertaining. The two day seminar focused on how to be an effective writer, story teller and Master of Ceremonies.  The most beneficial aspect of the seminar was being able to perform ‘live’ scripts and the ability to review and improve on your style and craft from your peers and instructors.  Liz’s background in acting and teaching acting was the key to improving our skills.

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