Cost per Minute of an Average Wedding

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Cost per Minute of an Average Wedding

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Math 101;

Total Wedding cost  $20,000 (This is below the average cost)

Divide by 6 Hours  ~ $3333.33 per hour

Divide by 60 Minutes ~  $ 55.00 per Minute


I just saw a video on a DJ web site and thought about the cost per minute of the average wedding:

There is a video on this page with the Cake Cutting taking 15 minutes,  Let’s say a  reception is six hours and the bride and groom arrive at the reception one hour into reception.  If you spend a modest conservation figure of $12,000.oo on your wedding day, including meals, venue costs, dress, cake, and everything else, you are paying $40 per minute; $50 per minute if it is a five hour reception.  That was at least a $500.00 delay and precious time forever lost on special day.

This is why we always bring an assistant to prevent any unnecessary delays and keep thing following along as smoothly as possible.  Just thinking of spending the $500.00 on a ten minute unnecessary delay hurts my head!