Here Are the Top Songs You’ll Hear at Every 2023 Wedding

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Here Are the Top Songs You’ll Hear at Every 2023 Wedding

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It’s oftentimes said that music is a universal love language. No matter where you live in the world, the songs you hear have the ability to connect people, which is why music serves as a powerful tool at almost every wedding. “The right music at a wedding is so important to create a memorable day,” shares Talia Kraines, senior editor of Pop at Spotify.”Music can cross generations and languages. [It] has the power to evoke memories, and the music played on your special day helps create the best, long-lasting memories for you and your guests.” In other words, the songs you play on the big day can either make or break your celebration.

As we slowly enter the new year, we’re excited to hear the newest tracks—from artists like Sabrina Carpenter and Burna Boy—that are set to be unleashed on every reception dance floor. But before we officially dive into the exact songs for the year, it’s important to understand the trends that will help shape the world of wedding music in 2023. So, with the continued expert advice of Kraines, here are the top wedding music trends for couples to look out for these next 12 months.

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The Top 2023 Wedding Music Trends to Expect

According to Kraines, 2023 will be the year of music-evoked individualism. “As for wedding playlists on Spotify in 2023, we’re expecting to see a lot more individuality in song choices as weddings become more relevant for the Gen-Z age group. This is a generation that wants to express themselves through their music choices,” she shares.

This should come as no surprise as there has been a steady shift away from standard wedding traditions (in every aspect of wedding planning), to couples embracing their personal preferences and styles on the big day. “Expect to hear lots of new Taylor Swift (‘Sweet Nothing’) and Harry Styles (‘Love of My Life’) at weddings in 2023 as first dances,” Kraines adds.

Another trend: nostalgia. Though the focus will be placed on new and emerging songs, couples will continue to honor past classics and play pieces that they deem as sentimental. “Nostalgia remains a key trend, with the re-discovery of 80s and 90s music at the forefront on Spotify.” shares Kraines. “’Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer and ‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star are great examples of love songs that have found a brand new audience in 2022, and will delight the married couple as well as their parents.”

Ultimately, it’s the old mixed with the new for 2023, but with a strong emphasis on “new”. And to help kickstart this season of nuptials, we’ve put together a list of 30 new tracks everyone is sure to hear at weddings this year. Read on below.

70 Modern Love Songs To Play at Your Wedding

“Love of My Life,” by Harry Styles

Lyrics of Love: “Baby, you were the love of my life, woah/Maybe you don’t know what’s lost ’til you find it”

“Nervous,” by John Legend

Lyrics of Love: “When you walk through the door and you look in my eyes/Yeah, it feels, yeah, it feels like the very first time/I can fall for you forever, I’m certain/’Cause I still get nervous”

“Hold Tight,” by Maverick City Music, Kirk Franklin, Ryan Ellis, Lizzie Morgan

Lyrics of Love: “You’re the air that I breathe/And You’re holdin’ all things/Yeah, I know that Your love is better”

“Hrs and Hrs,” by Muni Long

Lyrics of Love: “When I met you, I knew this was it/I’ve never been in love like this”

“Thank God,” by Kane Brown

Lyrics of Love: “Don’t know how I got you/But I couldn’t ask for more/Girl, what we got’s worth thanking God for”

“If I Fall In Love,” by Ali Gatie

Lyrics of Love: “‘Cause your smile takes me places I’ve never been/It could travel continents, in our love I’m confident/’Cause your eyes make me see things I’ve never seen/Baby, it’s just you and me, you’re part of my destiny”

“Sweet Nothing,” by Taylor Swift

Lyrics of Love: “They said the end is coming/Everyone’s up to something/I find myself running home to your sweet nothings”

“Fall Into Me,” by Forest Blakk

Lyrics of Love: “I’d fall for you twice if that’s what you wanted/I’d give you my life from now till forever/I’m falling in love with you/Over and over again”

“WAIT FOR U,” by Future, Tems, Drake

Lyrics of Love: “Early in the morning, late at night (I will wait for you)/It don’t even matter what time it is (I will wait for you)”

“Symphony,” by Imagine Dragons

Lyrics of Love: “This life is one big symphony/So glad I’ve got you next to me/I’m the chords and you’re the melody”

“For My Hand,” by Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran

Lyrics of Love: “Whenever I’m broken, you make me feel whole/Whenever I’m lonely, you’re there for my soul/Wherever you are, girl, that’s where I call my home”

“Enséñame a Bailar,” by Bad Bunny

Lyrics of Love: “Mi corazón no es de arena, pero tú tas dejando tus huella'”

“You,” by Dan + Shay

Lyrics of Love: “I got you, ooh, ooh/For the rest of my life/And if all else goes wrong, baby/I’ll be alright/’Cause I got you”

“Skate,” by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak

Lyrics of Love: “I never fall, but tonight you got me fallin’ for you/And only you, you”

“Tennessee Orange,” by Megan Moroney

Lyrics of Love: “I met somebody and he’s got blue eyes/He opens the door and he don’t make me cry/He ain’t from where we’re from/But he feels like home, yeah”

“Hate Our Love,” by Big Sean, Queen Naija

Lyrics of Love: “Boy, I love you on your worst day/Still see you how I saw you on the first day (first day)”

“Melt,” by Kehlani

Lyrics of Love: “Wish I could build me a cute apartment/One-bedroom right where your heart is”

“Hold Me Closer,” by Britney Spears, Elton John

Lyrics of Love: “Hold me closer, tiny dancer”

19of 30

“Somebody’s Son,” by Tiwa Savage, Brandy

Lyrics of Love: “Somebody’s son go love me one day”

“Coast,” by Hailee Steinfeld, Anderson .Paak

Lyrics of Love: “Baby, all I wanna do is coast (coast)/With you (with you)/Frequency of all we know (yeah)”

“Nonsense,” by Sabrina Carpenter

Lyrics of Love: “I don’t want no one else (don’t want)/Baby, I’m in too deep (too deep)”

“Woke Up in Love,” by Kygo, Gryffin, Calum Scott

Lyrics of Love: “You went and saved my life/You picked me up/Thank God I woke up in love”

“Golden Hour,” by JVKE

Lyrics of Love: “I was all alone with the love of my life/She’s got glitter for skin/My radiant beam in the night/I don’t need no light to see you”

“Miami,” by Wisin & Yandel, Jennifer Lopez

Lyrics of Love: “Todo lo mío es pa’ ti”

“Emiliana,” by CKay

Lyrics of Love: “Kiss me through the cellular, kiss me through the phone/Can’t you see I’m into ya? Can’t you see I’m in love?”

“Chasing Cars,” by SOFI TUKKER

Lyrics of Love: “All that I am/All that I ever was/Is here in your perfect eyes, they’re all I can see”

“Jireh,” by Limoblaze, Lecrae, Happi

Lyrics of Love: “But for God, His loving can afford you/He set His love lavishly upon ya/And makes His glory shine so bright upon you”

“Dandelions,” by Jackson Lundy

Lyrics of Love: “If nothing else is true/I’m so in love with you/And when life has got you down/And you’re far away/I’ll sing to you”

“Sunshine,” by Tyga, Jhené Aiko, Pop Smoke

Lyrics of Love: “I could be your sunshine/Let me light the way/I could be a brighter day/And you’ll be my sunshine”

30of 30

“Left and Right,” by Charlie Puth, Jung Kook of BTS

Lyrics of Love: “I can feel you over here, I can feel you over here/You take up every corner of my mind/Your love stays with me day and night”