Can YOUR Wedding Be More FUN?

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Can YOUR Wedding Be More FUN?

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Can Your Wedding Be More FUN?

Weddings are usually thought of as a fun-time-for-all, but if you desire to make your wedding day memorable for everyone — not just for bride & groom — you’ll want to make your guests a top priority.

If a bride wants to hear, “This is the best wedding!” she has to get out of the It’s-my-day mentality and think about the guest experience. From the moment a couple becomes engaged, the all too common idea has been, ‘It’s all about the bride’ — but it’s not!

The couple is taking on the role of host for the biggest party they’ll probably ever throw. And what’s a host’s main role? To make sure their guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves.

How does a couple set their wedding apart from the sea of other happily-ever-afters? “Inject personality and thought into every aspect of your celebration and friends will be talking about the fun they had for years to come!”

We have heard stories of Mid-Night Milkshakes & Chicken Wings to Carousel Rides at amusements parks!

Having fun at your wedding is all about thinking-outside-the-box. Think about it!!