9 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Wedding Planning Bride-to-be

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9 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Wedding Planning Bride-to-be

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A new year is on its way, and you will no doubt have thought up a couple of resolutions before the midnight countdown. Here are nine resolutions that every wedding planning bride-to-be should stick to…

1. I will not be afraid to ask for help

When it comes to planning your own wedding, you want to be in control but sometimes you’ve got to hand stuff over. Delegate planning tasks to your helpful hubby-to-be, and use your bridesmaids‘ skills to their full potential. After all, what are bridesmaids for?

2. I will trust my wedding suppliers

Likewise, you’ve got to hand some things over completely, especially when it comes to the professionals. You’re paying your wedding suppliers to do a job, so let them do it – don’t take on the stresses when you don’t have to. Have faith!

3. I will start planning the guest list now

We know, we know – it’s not the most fun part of wedding planning, but it has to be done. And the sooner it’s done, the better. You won’t be able to book your venue until you know how many people you’re trying to accommodate, so get this sorted soon!

4. I will learn the art of compromise

Consultation, caring and compromise – remember these three things when choosing your wedding details. The day is about both of you, after all. This new year’s resolution can apply to your marriage too – it’s a huge learning curve and you’ll have to get used to taking someone else’s opinions into consideration.

5. I will stick to my budget

It’s a well known fact that most weddings go slightly over budget but they don’t have to. We have hundreds of ways to save money in our Planning section – and don’t forget to download your free budget spreadsheet to help you get started.