Hiring a Wedding DJ

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Hiring a Wedding DJ

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If the mention of a wedding DJ conjures up images of drunken couples swaying to cheesy love songs, or your guests being asked to form a conga line around the flashing disco lights, you are probably planning to hire a wedding band instead. Before you rule out a wedding DJ, however, bear in mind that these days DJs are considered artists in their own right, and there are plenty of talented DJs around that specialize in creating just the right atmosphere for your wedding.

Advantages of a Wedding DJ
  • A wedding DJ, even a top end one, will usually cost less than a live band
  • Your DJ can be the MC (Master of Ceremonies) throughout the entire reception and he will make all the housekeeping announcements on behalf of the venue. The bride & groom entrance, the first dance, cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the garter toss and the farewell circle.
  • Wedding DJs will always have a more varied repertoire than the most versatile band. Live bands may also take long breaks, while a DJs music is continuous.
  • A DJ can take up less space in your reception venue than a live band
  • A wedding DJ will usually be more flexible and able to respond to the requests of your guests than a wedding band
Common Wedding DJ Mistakes to Avoid

The music played at your wedding reception will have a huge impact on how your guests remember it, so you want to be sure you get it just right. If you want the perfect reception, you do have to give your DJ something to work with, a good DJ will give you a song list to choose from and be able to cater to your requests.

You can also supply them with a ‘do not play’ list if there are songs you really hate, or tunes that have bad associations for you which might detract from your big day.

Meet with your DJ and explain how much interaction you want, do you just want them to play tunes, or do you want them to act as master of ceremonies, announcing the various dances, the cake cutting, and your departure? Be clear about what you expect when you’re hiring a wedding DJ.

Personalize Your Music with a Wedding DJ

A great wedding DJ can be a huge asset on your big day and can work with you to play suitable music for every element of your wedding. Don’t feel you have to limit the music to after dinner when everyone is dancing; you can have a DJ playing instrumental music throughout the drinks reception.  You can choose specific songs to announce your arrival and to introduce the various speeches, and you can even change the music style and tempo from one dinner course to the next.

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