The Wedding Reception Alternative During COVID-19

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The Wedding Reception Alternative During COVID-19

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2020 was going to be a HUGE wedding year! Now, with COVID-19 virus pandemic ruining things for wedding couples the big question is what should you do?

Should you go forward, postpone to Fall, Winter or 2021 even? With so much unpredictability it is a difficult call to make.

It is currently advised that all fall weddings postpone. There will be limitations like mandatory masks, tables 6 feet away from each other to social distance, minimum guest limits and more.

It’s all very unsettling. Waiting to 2021 may not be something you are willing to do and cancelling your wedding is something you will probably regret enormously down the road. Especially if you cancel and then the virus calms down allowing life to return to almost normal. Anything can happen, that’s the point. Even the experts don’t know.

We have a suggestion to give you an option that may be the best of both worlds. This involves keeping your original wedding date and having a small intimate ceremony with immediate family. Have the DJ provide the music, have a photographer, video record the event and also live stream your ceremony to all of your guests watching safely from home.  Then, when 2021 occurs, have a post wedding reception with your entire guest list! It will give everyone in your circle the opportunity to celebrate with you! It’s still a wedding reception, it’s just delayed so everyone can attend. The best is that you get to marry your true love right now, and you will not let the virus keep your dream from being reality!

You can even show the footage of your wedding ceremony at the post-wedding reception allowing everyone another chance to re-live the moment with you!  Otto Productions Pittsburgh Wedding DJ can support our couples by offering everything to make this alternative wedding vision happen. 

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