Unique Wedding Ideas

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Unique Wedding Ideas

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Here are a few unique ideas to set your wedding apart from every other.

Dinner Buffet Music

This was a great idea from a recent wedding. Rather than have the DJ call each table to the buffet, the bride selected a song for each table. The song title was left at the table, and when the DJ played that song, it was that table’s turn to head to the buffet.

Dinner Table Trivia

Are you having a buffet at your reception? There will be a first table, and a last table to go up to the buffet line. No one likes to be last, and everyone wants to be first, inevitably some will get restless. Rather than have your DJ call out table numbers, or having your wait staff walk around to announce which table go up, why not put the order in the hands of your guests? There are a couple ways this could be played, but let’s keep it simple. Your DJ will have a list of questions to ask (some could be trick questions like who was the last woman in the bridal party announced, now obviously that’s the bride, but we could be looking for the maid of honor). After that, it’s simple, first table to get the question right, is the next table to go up for dinner, and so on… What a great way to keep people engaged and their minds off the order of tables.

Cocktails and Crosswords

Much like the Dinner Table Trivia, the bride and groom will come up with a crossword puzzle based on trivia answers about their relationship, hobbies, and family. During cocktail/social hour while the bride and groom are taking pictures, their guests have something unique and fun to do.

The Reception Kiss

Instead of listening to the clinking of dinnerware against the glassware (we all know what suppose to happen as a result). Why not liven it up and add some entertainment value to the tradition? Ask your DJ to have your guests stand up either alone, as couples, tables, or groups and sing a song with the word “LOVE” in it. Have your guests reenact their own proposal or the way they believe your proposal went. Or have two guests at the clinking table demonstrate the kiss the bride and groom have to copy.

Song Request Auction

Do have a song or songs that you would prefer not to hear at your wedding unless requested? Why not change it up a bit? Get a few jars and label them with the songs you’d prefer not hear i.e The Chicken Dance, YMCA, Hokey Pokey etc. Set a reserve price on those songs i.e. $5-$10. When your guests come up to the DJ to request that song, he/she can encourage them to deposit a dollar in the jar until the reserve is met. Once the reserve has been met your guests get the song, and you get honeymoon spending cash!

Bubble Quote Photo Guest Book

Get a couple wood cutouts that look like quote bubbles, and paint them with chalkboard paint. Supply some chalk and talk your photographer into taking pictures of your guests with their custom messages.

Kids Entertainment Table

Use craft paper, or get a custom printed table cloth of coloring book pages, or images and include a center piece of colored pencils, and crayons.

Marriage Advice

Put index cards at every table that ask for guests to fill out their best wedding advice. Your DJ can then collect these cards and pick several to read from over the course of the afternoon/evening. This can be serious, romantic or funny, but is a great keepsake for your wedding book.

We hope you have enjoyed these unique ideas

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