It’s Too Hard To Socially Distance

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It’s Too Hard To Socially Distance

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As we get into these 5 Lessons Learned As A Wedding DJ During The COVID-19 Pandemic, you’ll see a common theme of all these lessons learned. One thing is for sure, weddings are very “social” gatherings. There is always a lot of hugging and kissing going on. And when you add in alcohol to the equation, there are simply no boundaries for this. Once alcohol gets into the systems of your guests, they easily forget that a deadly pandemic is happening. When the modern bride and groom invite 120 guests to their wedding, they can expect to be hugged and kissed 120 times. This is A LOT of  social content when we are not supposed to be this close.  At the weddings I’ve performed at during the COVID pandemic, I’ve observed that it is virtually impossible to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Weddings Can Be Smaller And There Is Nothing Wrong With That

Almost all of my clients opted to reduce their guest list due to the COVID 19 pandemic. And you know what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you need to invite 200 people to your wedding.  Getting married and having a grandiose affair hasn’t decreased in price and in the Holy City has increased annually over the past 4-5 years.  The worst global pandemic in 100 years has caused a financial strain in a lot of our lives.  Job losses and uncertainty about the future have caused a lot of modern brides and grooms to rethink how their wedding is going to be.   Smaller weddings can be in many cases much more memorable because they are intimate and give you the opportunity to get social with those loved ones who travelled to see you have the time of your life on the happiest day of your life. A huge wedding can inhibit you from socializing and getting around to meet and greet all the guests that you invited. Smaller weddings and even a “micro wedding” is ok and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not ok. Numerous wedding planners have begun to add these “micro” weddings into their offerings, and you can have just as classy affair.

Weddings Were Not Meant To Have ANY Restrictions

Let’s face it. Weddings are social occasions. Depending on your personal preference, your wedding day will include a special drink prepared by your bartender for you and your guests to enjoy.  And since most modern weddings are stocked with an open bar for you and your guests to enjoy, it doesn’t take long for the inhibitions to leave after even a few drinks.   For every modern bride and groom who has opted to have their wedding during the COVID 19 pandemic, good intentions have always been there in regards to keeping their guests safe. However, when you mix alcohol with the music provided by a top wedding DJ, it’s virtually impossible to maintain a safe distance and wear a mix while dancing.  Some wedding venues have made an effort to do temperature checks  at the door to try to maintain safety, but since it’s not being done across the board at ALL venues, it sort of defeats the purpose.  While the intentions of the venue are good as it pertains to checking temperatures, I’m not sure I would want to be on the receiving end of the fallout when your uncle is not able enter a wedding reception because he has a fever.  You don’t need to have a fever to have COVID-19. He might be coming down with the flu or some other type of viral infection.  So it’s easy to see  how your uncle (who lives in New York and sees you every 5 years) could be angry if he’s not allowed to enter into your wedding reception.  At times like this, there are no easy answers.

No Global Pandemic Will Ever Stop The Love Of Modern Brides And Grooms

At the weddings I’ve even been able to perform at during this pandemic, you can clearly tell that tensions are running high. Back during the summer as I was preparing to get back into the swing of things with weddings, we were watching the daily case counts like they were our stocks invested in the stock market. The cases were going up and down, but when I got set up at these weddings, there was one thing that had not changed since pre-COVID and that’s the love that was shown by the bride and groom. I’ll never forget the first dance at my first wedding back. While they were dancing, I was thinking to myself. “What pandemic?”. Then as soon as I had that thought, I saw a few people wearing masks and immediately was reminded we were in the midst of one of the worst pandemics in 100 years.  Love will conquer this pandemic, but all brides and grooms need to be careful and understand there is a bit of a risk.