Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Wedding

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Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Wedding

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You might not have known that these types of weddings even existed. When you think of weddings, you might think of the biggest venue filled wall to wall with people, some you might not know. With micro weddings, you won’t have to worry about that, and here is why.

A micro wedding is a smaller than normal size wedding that contains 20-50 guests. This guest list usually consists of the immediate family and close friends. Oftentimes the ceremony is effortless, and the reception is not as hectic because there won’t be an overwhelming number of people there. This environment is perfect when you are taking safety precautions during a pandemic and it has many more benefits than one would think. There’s no need to panic when a micro wedding might be exactly what you were looking for the whole time.


Here are 3 benefits to choosing a micro wedding!

  1. The small amount of people attending leaves more space in your budget to put towards for other expenses. The guest number determines how big of a venue to purchase. It also determines the cost put into flowers, centerpieces, and catering. This option makes room for other details that might not be possible with a big wedding. 
  2. This also allows you to have more flexibility and control. Big weddings need big venues, but smaller weddings make it easier to find wedding venues that will fit everyone comfortably. Additionally, micro weddings allow more options to become available.  It makes the planning not only manageable but flexible. Since there are no limits to the options, it allows room for an increase in creativity when picking a DJ, photographer and/or wedding decor. You will have the choice to add more personal touches to the guests experience like making them favor bags or personalized invitations.
  3. Micro weddings offer a chance for you to have an intimate wedding and reception. This will take a lot of the pressure off of your special day. It will be more like a celebration with close friends and relatives. This intimate occasion gives the bride and groom a chance to talk with guests. Everyone there will be a face that you can put a name to along with some great memories. 

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