Why is Wedding Entertainment So Important?

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Why is Wedding Entertainment So Important?

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Ask yourself the level of priority you place on the entertainment for your wedding reception? How much value are you placing in the person with the microphone and music?  How important is a packed dance floor, guests celebrating, laughing and staying to the very end of your event? 


Truth be told, many couples are dropping the BIG portion of their wedding budget right off the bat when they visit the caterer. Chair covers, cigar rollers, venetian tables and other items cost more money than the average priced wedding DJ/Entertainer. 


Next, you have to consider what will provide more of a memory? The flowers, the wedding dress, the limo, the prime rib or the packed dance floor? What do your wedding guests really care about after the food is served? The guests care less about your wedding dress and more about having fun and being entertained. Why pay all of this money if the guests leave early? 


Will the wedding go on without a photo booth? Without flowers? Without chair covers? Without the pastries? Sure, it will go on but can it go on without the wedding DJ/Entertainer? No way!


So, in essence you need to decide what your wedding priorities are and stop to think what will really make the difference vs cost you extra money? The extra stuff just takes up space at your wedding while the memories last a lifetime.What will make those memories the best they can be?


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