The Role of Entertainment At Your Wedding

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The Role of Entertainment At Your Wedding

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Ask yourself, How big a role will the quality of the entertainment play in the overall success of my reception?

For years, many have said, “The music makes or breaks the reception.” But the truth is that music is just one part of the overall services provided by professional wedding entertainment vendors to ensure a great reception, one that is continuously entertaining for all your guests.  Music is a tool and only a part of the whole suite of services that professional wedding entertainers regularly provide. If “music” were all that you needed to create an entertaining reception, the result would simply be an extended cocktail hour.

This is what good-quality wedding entertainment should be:

  • The DJ at a wedding also typically serves as a master of ceremonies by announcing the formalities in an appropriate manner.

  • Your DJ will help you plan the agenda to ensure the proper pacing needed to prevent your guests from becoming bored

  • Your DJ should communicate with you, your parents, your wedding party members and the other vendors behind the scenes in an ongoing manner, keeping your reception agenda on track and flowing smoothly.

  • Your DJ should brainstorm in advance with you to develop personalized moments that will leave your guests with lasting memories of your unforgettable celebration.

Quality entertainment requires professionalism, artistry and unique talent and skill. Don’t be fooled into thinking that someone who will “just push play” on a CD player, playing the same set of songs they play every week, can make your reception fun and entertaining.

Brides were asked within weeks of their wedding what they wished they had done differently when creating their budgets and hiring their vendors. 78 percent said they wished they had given top priority to their decisions about entertainment, and 72 percent wished they had spent more time researching before selecting their entertainment. Nearly 100 percent of them said that, they would have gladly set aside more money from their budget in an effort to have better quality entertainment.

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