Here’s How a Couple Can Make Their First Dance Stand Out

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Here’s How a Couple Can Make Their First Dance Stand Out

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Here’s How a Couple Can Make Their First Dance Stand Out

The bride and groom’s first dance is a long-standing wedding tradition, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.  Couples are making their first married dance a little more specific to who they are.

Dance to a custom song.

Your first dance as husband and wife is all about the two of you and your new marriage. That’s why some couples hire professional musicians to write and record custom songs for the occasion. If that’s not in the budget, you could also work with your DJ to create a custom mix or mash-up of your favorite songs.

Choose an unexpected song.

Are you and your husband die hard college football fans? Does the Cheers theme song make you teary eyed? Forget the traditional first dance songs and play your favorite one (no matter how nontraditional) and start your marriage off on the right foot. Another trend is to combine your favorite one with something that’s more traditionally associated as a fast dance song and then add a sound effect and mix it in with a newer song.

Feeling nervous? Then include your guests.

More couples are arranging choreographed dances that include friends and family. Instead of choosing a typical slow song they opt instead for a fast, upbeat dancing song and have your wedding party members form a “soul train,” with couples dancing their way down the center of the dance floor.  Soon, you can invite your guests to come join you on the dance floor and you are off to a great start.

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