Entertainment Mistakes That You Do Not Want To Make At Your Wedding

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Entertainment Mistakes That You Do Not Want To Make At Your Wedding

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Although your DJ is responsible for entertaining your guests, there are some things that brides and grooms can also do to ensure that the music for their big day hits all the right notes. These are the most easily avoidable wedding music mistakes.

  1. Not Playing Songs Your Guests Want to Hear

While your wedding should absolutely reflect your musical tastes, part of being a gracious host involves catering to the crowd for at least a portion of the evening. Mixing up the genres could bring out those who normally wouldn’t dance out to the floor. Once the night wears on, and it’s just the people who like to party, you can turn on whatever you want and rock out.

  1. Not Including “Play” and “Do Not Play” Lists

Jot down music requests together with your partner making sure to include songs that have special meaning in your relationship and to your families, as well as those you would prefer to skip. You do not want to get so overwhelmed with the planning process that this task never gets done and then get upset when the music you wanted to hear isn’t being played. Jazz, R&B, and pop can mean different things to different people, so it’s crucial to sit down with your DJ and go over everything.

  1. Choosing Songs with Awkward or Inappropriate Lyrics

Avoid music with inappropriate lyrics, especially when it comes to your special dances. The biggest mistake is playing songs that aren’t particularly romantic just because they’re popular for the moment. It’s respectful to keep the music in good taste, as you may have a lot of older guests or children, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to play certain types of songs.

  1. The Music is Too Loud

Ideally you want to send guests home with favors and fond memories, not a pounding headache! Keep the sound level reasonable since not everyone will be able to appreciate a dance club atmosphere. Ask your DJ to avoid making it too loud to the point in which guests can’t chat throughout the reception.

  1. Hiring a DJ Without Enough Experience

Determine whether they are a well-rounded, successful entertainer who can bring a level of expertise and versatility to your event. Unlike an amateur DJ or family friend, a professional wedding DJ risks their business reputation and livelihood with every job they do. Keep in mind that they receive a lot of their business from referrals, so they should work hard to make sure that guests have a great time and recommend them for future events.

  1. Not Meeting the Master of Ceremonies Before the Big Day

You should have a good connection with your MC since they’ll be the one responsible for entertaining your crowd. They should reflect what you hope to portray on your big day. Listen to their music demos or watch wedding performances to get a sense of how they will interact with your guests.

  1. Technical Issues

If the venue is historic or a hotel that was built before big weddings became popular, you may not have enough power to accommodate your DJs equipment. Your DJ should hold a sound check to test whether their equipment works properly in your venue and pinpoint any potential issues before the reception begins.

  1. A First Dance Song That’s Too Long

The first dance should be no longer than two- or three-minutes max so that guests don’t lose interest.  You should to pick the one that’s the most meaningful and move the rest of the favorites to the playlist later in the evening so that it works for everyone.

  1. Letting the Speeches and Toasts Run On

Making guests sit through speeches and formalities for the first 30 minutes to an hour can kill the party atmosphere. Give each toast-maker a specific time limit to help them stay on track.

  1. Waiting Until the Last Minute to Select Spotlight Dance Songs

Many couples don’t think about their parent dances until a few weeks before the wedding and then they rush to select songs. They should have some sentimental significance. Start the process at least six weeks before the big day so it remains fun and productive.

  1. Not Choosing a Cake-Cutting Song

If you are having a cake-cutting ceremony you will want to select the background song in advance. It takes time for the cake to be brought out, the couple to figure out how to cut it, eat it, kiss, take photos, etc. You will either have no music or some random song playing that is getting a lot of attention.

  1. Micro-Managing the Playlist

A big part of a DJs job is to read the room and select each song based on the mood of the dance floor. Sometimes an amazing song just isn’t a perfect fit for that moment in time. It’s crucial to let go of total music control, so everything flows seamlessly. Couples should trust in the professionalism and skills of their DJ and feel confident with their choice.

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