Using Sparklers at Weddings

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Using Sparklers at Weddings

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What simple way is there to add sparkle and shine to your wedding and make your guests smile at the same time? Wedding Sparklers of course!

We have seen gorgeous Chinese lanterns light up the sky at weddings over the last few years, but another lovely idea is to use sparklers to bring an added touch of sparkle to your big day (evening). Wedding sparklers are cheap, easy to find and everyone loves to feel like a little child again. Not to mention the fact that the photos can be spectacular…

Your entertainment, DJ/Emcee should be the perfect host, a reflection of you and the master of your timeline. The DJ and his ‘Professional Wedding Assistant’ not only organize and time the sparkler walk; they also ensure that your close friends and family will be at the end of the sparkler walk for what could be your best wedding picture. Nobody wants cousin Joe’s last-minute date to be in their final and best picture.

We recommend that the ‘Newlyweds’ use two minutes sparklers. If they buy the cute little heart-shaped sparklers they only last for 30 seconds which is not enough time. The two-minute sparklers, allow enough time to have two runs: Two chances to capture the perfect picture versus one.

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