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What to Do If You Can’t Agree on a Wedding Venue

Having trouble deciding where to say “I do?” Roadblocks during wedding planning can feel like the end of the world—especially if you and your S.O. can’t agree on a wedding venue. However, don’t let this little bump make you feel discouraged. There are plenty of ways you can work together with your partner and find the ideal wedding venue for your big day.

Here are several tips and tricks to use if you and your fiancé(e) can’t agree on a wedding venue. Create a must-have list Narrowing down what you’re looking for in a venue is a great start to finding a setting that both you and your S.O. love. Sitting down and creating a must-have list allows for you both to see what aspects are the most important to each of you, like an oceanfront backdrop or an indoor ballroom. Having a wishlist will help kickstart the venue search again, but this time you’re both on the same page of what to look for when it comes to aesthetic, location and more.

Browse inspiration together An easy way to overcome a disagreement during wedding planning is by browsing inspiration together. Check out real weddings from your area so you can see the most popular venues and how couples dressed up the different spaces. Looking at inspiration will broaden your venue search and add more options for you to choose from. Also, remember that the power of decor can work wonders when it comes to transforming an event space into your dream setting.

Consider your budget After you’ve compiled together your wishlist and found some inspo, you’ll want to factor in your budget. This is an easy way to see which venues or venue types are within your price range. One of the biggest reasons a couple can’t agree on a wedding venue is because of the price of the event space. So, make sure to go over what you’re willing to spend on a venue, so you can agree on which type of setting will work best.

Finalize your guest list Almost every wedding venue has a limit when it comes to how many people it can accomodate. Therefore you definitely should figure out how many people you’re planning to invite before you start taking tours of different venues. If you know you want a larger guest count, then an intimate loft venue probably isn’t going to work. Finalizing your guest list early will help you nix the venues that can’t fit your party.

Tour plenty of venues Creating a list of alternative venues to tour and consider is another way you come to an agreement on setting. Starting fresh will open both of your minds to new possibilities that could lead to you falling in love with a completely different venue than you originally imagined. Just make sure to keep your and your partner’s wishlists in mind as you check out each new event space.

Sometimes compromise is key If all else fails and you and your future-spouse still can’t agree on a wedding venue, then you may have to come to a compromise. Remember when the big day finally rolls around, it won’t matter that you may not have a garden backdrop. What really matters in the long run is that you get to marry the love of your life. So, try not to dwell too much on the fact that the venue you’ve always envisioned is out of the running. There are plenty of ways to dress up a venue to achieve the look and feel you desire.